How We Replaced Our Stuffing Box

tides marine shaft seal

 This article is part of a three part series: Intentional Grounding Building Custom Careening Poles How We Replaced Our Stuffing Box Sooner or later, every boat needs to have its stuffing box repacked or replaced. That’s So True … Um, What’s a Stuffing Box? For those who’ve never heard of a stuffing box – a […]

Intentional Grounding


The need to replace Sunshine’s stuffing box (the seal between the propeller shaft and the hull), coupled with our reluctance to give away money and Tom’s guiding principle: Become Utterly Independent, resulted in our pulling off a maneuver that was dubbed “cooler than ice cream.”    This article is part of a three part series: […]

One Library in Maine: Timeless Stories of Blueberries, Rocky Shores and Tasty Little Fish


Travel by the Book  As a Washington kid, the other three corners of the country have always fascinated me. San Diego, California, on my native west coast, was easy to get to. I’d knocked that off my bucket list by the time I was six, without even trying. Florida and Maine though, those proved harder […]

You’re Paying to Kill the Ocean

seafood market

From Scientific American Observations: Overfishing and pollution have pushed life in the high seas to the brink of collapse, according to a new report from the Global Ocean Commission. “The oceans are a failed state,” David Miliband, co-chair of the commission, told Reuters. … The report warns that a combination of technology and big fuel […]

The Art of Anchoring


There are certain guidelines for securely anchoring for the night, but sometimes things just don’t work out. When they don’t, it helps to get good pictures. Attend to the Tide Enroute from our Fort Lauderdale vacation back to Beaufort SC, we were pushing hard to make as many miles as possible each day. We left […]

Duct Tape 911 – DIY Medical Care for Cruisers, Preppers and other Accident Prone Adventurers

rolls of duct tape on sailboat transom

I’m not sure how I first stumbled on The Survival Doctor. It wasn’t via StumbleUpon because I never go there. I’m not a prepper, (the new term for survivalist) searching for how to stop the government from taking away my guns. Though Survival Doc does have a few handy posts about how to treat gunshot […]

Winter on the Intracoastal: Swamps & Canals


While visiting Virginia in 2009, we’d taken a side trip down to Kitty Hawk, NC. Along the way we stopped to walk along an interesting slough that trickled under overhanging oaks. What was this thing? Not a creek, or a river, perhaps an irrigation ditch? Later, in 2012, when we began to plan to move […]

What’s a Seahawk?


Foul Weather Football Fan I’m a serious football fan, around the time of playoffs and the Superbowl. I’m especially serious when my hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks, are playing in either. Though we’ve been nowhere near Seattle this football season, we’ve managed to watch the important games, all two of them so far. Tonight will […]