1 Lost Shipping Container Doing Some Good

From Alltop: a different, and fascinating look, at the problem of the lost shipping container.

Each time we go out to sea in Sunshine I remember the many stories I’ve heard of lost shipping containers floating just under the surface of the water and the threat they pose to mariners. With thousands of the containers lost from ships each year, the problem is a growing one.

In fact All Is Lost the Robert Redford film, is about a sailboat Sunshine’s size, striking just such a container. From the title, can you guess what happens?

One Lost Shipping Container with an Up Side

As most of the stories center around the floating container, I’ve never considered what impact, or benefit, they might have when they actually settle down to the ocean floor. I suppose it all depends what’s inside the container, whether they create a problem at depth.

But the Monterrey Bay Aquarium is giving us a different, and fascinating look, at the problem of the lost shipping container, by studying one.




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  1. As highlighted in Robert Redford’s movie last year “All is Lost”, lost shipping containers floating just above, or worse just below, the surface pose a major threat to sailors. Some safety device that would automatically sink a floating container – say a plug in the bottom that dissolves after a few days – would be a step in the right direction.

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