Water Photo of the Week: The Colors of a Weathered Dock

Lichen, algae and rust color the boards of a weathered dock

Algae, lichen and rust color the soft gray boards of a weathered dock.

Moving Aboard: The selling stuff project runs up against a pig


The process of moving aboard is exciting, and hard. Following the lead of Adam Baker of Man vs. Debt, we’re selling our stuff and doing what we love. Our job is tougher in many ways than young Adam’s. We’ve been in this house for twenty years, amassing furniture, building materials, tools, art, toys, books (OMG, […]

Water Photo of the Week: Queen Anne’s Lace and Breaking Waves

Queen Anne's Lace at the shore

  Saw this thicket of Queen Anne’s Lace while driving. The white umbrel heads looked so beautiful bobbing in the breeze, while behind them the white waves broke on the shore that I had to pull over and try to capture them. If I were a fabric designer I’d be inspired. This could be one […]

Help Japan by James White: a visual haiku

Help Japan, by James White

Prints of this beautiful, arresting image were available from SignalNoise but quickly sold out. Perhaps there will be more. More people want to help. More people want this simple reminder. There’s another red symbol of help. Donate to the Red Cross.      

New and improved Tidal Life: Now, with Octopi

Octopus hanging lamp

Ditching the nautilus lamp idea … I found the perfect light to hang above the bronze octopus table that everyone knows I want for my birthday later this month. This was featured on one of my favorite interior design blogs – Bohemian Hellhole – how I covet that name. Not only am I addicted to […]