Christmas Cruise: Stamford, CT to Mamaroneck, NY

Monday Dec 23, 2013
Brewer Post Road Marina
Mamaroneck, NY

Here we were nearly to the mouth of the East River and only had a couple more pages to go in our Long Island Sound chart book, which was the only one for the trip we’d been able to buy in Newport. Luckily it was the waterproof version since we’d had lots of spray and rain in the cockpit and I like to have the chart right there with me.

We had to get the charts for New York Harbor and the New Jersey Coast either here in Stamford or in Mamaroneck. I did a quick search and found there was a company called Landfall Navigation right in Stamford, which looked like a place we’d like to visit, but there was also a West Marine much closer – walking distance. They didn’t open until 10 AM, but that was fine as we could only do the twenty mile hop to Mamaroneck that day anyway. To go any farther meant entering the East River, and that has to be done on the right tide.

I stayed on the boat and got everything stowed and ready while Tom walked to West Marine, in the rain, to see if they had what we needed. Score! He came back with a single waterproof chart of the East River and NY Harbor, a waterproof ChartBook of the New Jersey coast and a full size ChartKit of Delaware and Chesapeak Bays. All had been on sale for half price.

We left for Mamaroneck about 12:00, it was raining but warm.

Mamaroneck was a charming village to sail into, they even had swans to greet us. We got there about 3:00 after an easy peasy motor-sail with little wind. The rain kept me from taking any pictures so all I’ve got is us leaving it in our wake the next morning. Stay tuned, the next post will be chock full of images.

sailing out of mamaroneck ny
Leaving Mamaroneck in our wake

Michael had once again called ahead and teed things up for us. The yard was primarily closed but we pulled up to the fuel dock and Tom talked to Paul, the general manager, who was very helpful, including giving some history of the Brewer Post Road Yard, the marina that started the whole Brewer’s empire. Paul said he’d be in in the morning – Christmas Eve – and would fill our fuel tank then.

We walked up into the village to find dinner, meandered up and down trying to decide which of the many restaurants to eat at. There were Chinese, Italian, Sushi and Indian, but what we really wanted was Thai. There was a to die for Italian deli, Pisano’s. I wanted to shop there and stock up on crusty Italian bread, pasta, wine and all the beautiful things Italian chefs put in jars to make your mouth water, but had to restrain myself as there was no more room to store food aboard Sunshine.

We finally opted for pizza at Sal’s Pizza. Slices of white with spinach, cheese, peperoni, chicken veggie, and I took a chance on one Jamaican beef patty. It was like a pastie, but with a flakier crust that had spices in it. Really good. Addictive in fact. I would like to sail back right now and get another one. Maybe they make them with ganja. Definitely a gateway gnosh.

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