Giant Steps: Changes, opportunities and swoon-inducing plans (Ireland!)

steps on the giant's causeway
The world has become my oyster. I’m no longer officially associated with The South Whidbey Record, so I’ve been quietly noodling around behind the scenes with a new theme/look/slant/topics for Tidal Life.

My first big, official change was a foray down the southern Washington coast. I left home with ideas for several articles to write. And I gathered notes and took pictures for all those and a few more. Unfortunately, the photos from that trip got vaporized in the crash of my computer a few days after we returned.

That took the wind out of my sails and Tidal Life has been adrift in the doldrums for a couple of months.

Then last week, along came Corbett Barr of Think Traffic with the announcement of his $1MBP, a project to build a profitable blog from scratch, in public, as a model and tutorial for others to follow on their own blogs. I jumped on board, seizing this as the perfect opportunity to get some guidance and practice in bringing the new version of Tidal Life to life.

As things are just getting going, don’t expect huge changes tomorrow. I’m not even sure yet what exactly will be changing. The plans I have in place now include:

  • Switching to a more robust framework/theme (Genesis)
  • Working categories into the layout
  • Setting up some advertising – I’m tip-toeing into this
  • Going further afield, with more travel content (See big news below!)
  • Creating some products i.e. helpful e-books or guides about waterfront related things. (I already have two e-books available via my writing portfolio site, Nancy One is about Italy the other about food, both are heavy on the humor. A third one, about family, is coming soon. I’ll be linking to those here, as a starter.)
  • Doing far more SEO and social media work, as directed by the Think Traffic team.

Accountability is a big part of this project so I’m going to be posting my accountability journal entries on my writing and publishing blog at Nancy If you want to follow along there, you’ll see weekly reports with data about how the switchover is going, how Tidal Life’s traffic is growing, all the bucks I’m raking in etc.

I’ve got a lot to do in the next few weeks because if current plans hold, during the first couple of weeks in October I’ll be flying off to The Netherlands, riding trains through England and then taking the ferry to Ireland!

!!! The Giant’s Causeway !!! This is bucket list stuff !!!

Think I’ll be storing copies of my pictures in the cloud this time.



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