Please change your thinking: Old buildings are a resource not refuse

If you live under a rock you may not have seen the photos of Detroit’s abandoned buildings that are making the rounds of the blogs. It’s my job to make sure you do, and to make sure you consider why this is such a waste.

Image of old building in abandoned Detriot by Marchand and Meffre

Not only are these old buildings gorgeous in their own right – and even grand in their degradation – they are worthy of preserving. They represent so many resources taken from the earth and processed at great cost. If they are allowed to decay to the point of no return then they represent more waste headed for landfills, and whatever replaces them will use up yet more resources.

There’s hope for such buildings if priorities are right. Look at this cement plant in Spain, reclaimed for use as an architectural office – and stunning portfolio piece for the architect I might add.

Image of reclaimed cement factory by Ricardo Bofilll

Thanks to The Steampunk Home for bringing the Bofill building to my attention. (via Mari Hotchkiss)

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    1. Me too. I’ve been drooling over that building for weeks now. I’ve wandered a bit inland – Madrid and Detroit but I know there are many worthy buildings along the coasts too only wanting someone with vision to perfect them.

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