Powering Orca Survival

Photo by Jill Hein

Though it’s not monday, I’ve got a whale story for you. Actually a three part series about Orcas, Salmon and the Snake River dams, written by Howard Garrett of Orca Network.

The story revolves around power. Garrett’s, main argument is that we need to move away from hydroelectric and install solar. Home Depot, he says, has some affordable and effective panels.

I’ve long thought that every commercial building in every city should be mandated to install PV on their roof. I’d sure rather see this unused real estate covered with a solar array than vast swaths of the delicate Mojave desert.

Garrett also says that solar technology is advancing fast enough that the HD panels are even effective under cloudy northwest skies. I’ve always thought my house too shaded by tall evergreens to be a candidate for PV, but I’m going to have to take another look at the possibilities.

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