How to Relax in the Air Chair

Fly That Air Chair

The sun is out, there’s a bit of a breeze, though not enough to go sailing. Time to put together the Air Chair. This random looking assortment of dowels, fabric and rope is about to turn my boat into relaxation central.

air chair parts on dock before assembly

About Two Minutes Later:

reading in the air chair on bow of sailboat

The Air Chair is simple to put together and perfect for an afternoon’s reading. But it may be too comfortable. Best to choose a story that will keep you awake. This weekend I chose Stephen King’s 11/22/63. It’s a big, book. Looks like I’ll have to keep the chair up for a few more days.

On a hot afternoon you also need a frosty beverage in that handy drink holder. My iced tea is in my Tervis Tumbler. For the beer or soda drinker, a Yeti Rambler Colster would also fit fine.

air chair hanging from boom over water

Places to Hang the Chair

Aboard our small boat, we like things to have a couple of uses. The Air Chair is versatile. Though not designed specifically for boats, it can hang virtually anywhere you’ve got an overhead loop for the hook to attach to.

For relaxing, I like mine on the fore deck, where I hang it from the jib halyard. It can also be attached to the boom end and swung out over the dock so you can join a group of friends who have deck chairs.

Swing the boom the opposite way and suspend yourself over the water. Remember to grab a line for hauling yourself back in, otherwise you face a bit of a swim. The other morning I was hanging out there and a lovely little dolphin swam right under me.

Of course I was also hanging out in the way of traffic.

air chair suspended over water and boat

Where to Get a Chair Like Mine

The original Air Chair is available from The Air Chair Store. They make it in an array of colors and lots of styles, even love seats. This simple style is best for a small boat. When not in use, it rolls up into a compact case that’s easy to stow. It’s tough, strong, UV resistant and will last a long time.

You can find similar hammock style chairs. has quite a few different versions, including an all rope style that has no footrest. For a really small boat, that will take a little less storage room.


Thanks Donna, love the chair.

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