Cats, birds, vows … Train wreck

Pet cats belong on only one website on the whole internets – I vowed when I started Tidal Life that I would never post about my cat.


 This is Tito. I buy all my furnishings to match her.

Unlike many bloggers’ cats apparently, Tito hates the camera. I’ve forced her to appear here to help me defend myself against charges of hypocrisy.

After my recent column admonishing residents of South Whidbey to quit shooting, and hucking rocks, at wildlife, my new friend Linda B. took me to task for the following statement:

“When my cat catches a rabbit I chase her down, pry it from her jaws and give it CPR.”

Linda kindly refrained from pointing out that my cat might be doing as much damage as anyone with a gun. All she did was send along a copy of chapter 15 of Flyaway by wild bird rehabber Suzie Gilbert. Here’s the page that did a number on me. (I hope this isn’t a copyright infringement. Yikes. Asking Suzie for forgiveness instead of permission.)

Pets have been on my list of potential column subjects for a long time but it’s such a touchy subject I keep putting it off. I’m thinking about it more now thanks to Linda. Struggling with modifications to Tito’s life will be part of that column. Meanwhile I’m going to have a talk with her about the baby birds and bunnies that will be coming along soon. She listens to me, really.

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