Do-it-yourself enlightenment, help wildlife survive

An Enlightened Frog

Don’t do this, never do this.

I mean, go ahead and swallow Christmas lights if you want to, like this enlightened frog, but never, never do what I did and copy a photo from another site without permission and paste it into your blog.

Unless of course you’re doing it for the same reason I am – to get readers to hop on over to the site of the original photo and help wildlife.

In this case that’s National Wildlife, where you will see some of the most eye-popping and illuminating photos you’ve ever seen. (About half of them are water based, which makes me extra happy.)

This series is their Honorable Mentions from the 2009 contest. Imagine what the winners must be like! Go see! Now! And if you’re a photographer – enter this year’s contest.

If only this were all it took to make us help wildlife survive.

While you’re on the National Wildlife site, take a look at some of their articles about living with wildlife, photographing wildlife and what you can do to help wildlife. Hint: it starts with a d …

The photo is by James F. Snyder, and was taken in West Palm Beach, Florida. congratulations James. And thanks for the use of your photo.

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