Energy news from another island – Hawaii solar panels

In Hawaii, years ago, I stood stunned on the lanai of my hotel room, looking across the roof tops of Waikiki and seeing no solar panels. Hawaii, I thought, of all places, would be covered with them.

According to this article about a new renewable energy laboratory, “Hawaii is subject to the highest energy costs in the United States, partially because of its dependency on non-renewable energy sources.”

I’m sure there are plenty of buildings running on solar in the islands, they just aren’t visible to the casual visitor. With all the sun and wind Hawaii enjoys, it seems like the entire place might be able to run without one kilowatt of non-renewable sourced electricity.

Do I have solar? No. Why? The cost of course, but also trees. Too many tall fir trees shade our house to grow a tomato, let alone heat the water for our showers. The quandry – chop down trees or heat with non-renewable energy. So far the trees have won.

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