Fashionista hits the beach

Sorting out my bookmarks I found one for Planet, a site I like but haven’t been to in awhile. It’s about art, culture, fashion, not really about living on the waterfront. As I was checking out the current issue this blog post caught my eye.

The seaside is my home. And yes, I like to roam from coastline to coastline, drawn to visit other places on the water. In Mexico for example I haven’t been to Mexico City, instead I’ve traveled the Yucatan, been to Cabo, driven the west coast of Baja and the Sea Of Cortez.

Now that I’ve seen these beautiful clothes in these stunning beach settings I’m inspired to upgrade my beachcombing wardrobe. Usually I’m in flip flops and a pareo – never thought of wearing platform sandals and a belt that could double as a boogie board. The rope around the neck, that might come in handy, and when the anchor’s not in use it would make a nifty necklace.

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