How to Get Your Photo Subject’s Attention

Image of eagle eyed eagle on beach

I’m always careful not to waste food.

(Insert joke about sale of Brooklyn Bridge or waterfront lots in Arizona here.)

So after cutting the rind off a pork roast, I popped the scraps into a pot of water and boiled it to make stock.

The result – gelatinous glop. Julia Child probably could have turned it into a succulent aspic or something, but I never learned to like aspic, so I left the pot in the refrigerator to be dealt with later.

Tom found the mess and took it to the beach to feed to the ever-ravenous seagulls. Which is also how we get rid of bread crusts, etc.

That old phrase – Eagle Eyed – that’s true.

The gulls lost out. No sooner had Tom had dumped the boiled rinds out on the sand than a couple of eagles landed and took possession. Luckily he had the camera, and also luckily, is better than I am at quickly snapping pictures of birds in motion, so he got the whole recycling drama on camera.

Whether they got any food value out of those hunks of skin that I’d boiled to death is debatable, but apparently eagles like pork.

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