Iris All In

iris all in Nancy Bartllett

It’s Ladies’ Night And Things Are Not Alright!

Headed to the local casino for Ladies’ Night, sure thing gambler, Iris Winterbek, is blindsided by the unlucky arrival of her overbearing sister, Mona. She and her friends make the best of the intrusion, but it begins to look like the odds aren’t with them.

From the time they arrive, the friends witness one absurd violation after another. The casino seems to have opened it’s doors to an onslaught of mistaken identity,  illicit romances and blackmail.

When Iris and her friends are taken hostage by a band of crooks, Iris has to figure out a way to get them free without gambling with someone’s life.

Once again, the world’s most unexpected action hero hits the crime stopping jackpot.

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