Iris Incensed

This Vacation Stinks!

Jolting around Europe with her daughter Amy, risk averse traveler, Iris Winterbek suffers from anxiety, thin skin, and a sensitive nose. It isn’t long before Iris starts to think, something has gone bad!

Amy focuses only on what she can see through her camera lens. Iris’ memory is giving them both trouble. And a gang of opportunist crooks has ensnared the unsuspecting pair in a nefarious plot. At each bend in the road, at every historic castle, Iris meets with absurdity, danger, rude tourists, and bad smells.

Bombarded with the $#!^ that happens, Iris must dust off some long unused skills and step into the ill-fitting role of action hero. And when she does, it’s the bad guys who smell trouble.

Two more Iris Winterbek Adventures Iris All In, and Iris Everafter  are now available for pre-order. 

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