Madrone tree meets Subaru

I really like trees, especially Madrones. I really prefer them standing up.

Image of broken madrone branch on car

In November I publicly worried about a fir tree that seems like a potential hazard during wind storms. I’ve also publicly worried about my beloved Madrones. I think I confused Mother Nature, because today she sent a piece of the giant Madrone tree that’s the focal point of my front garden crashing down on top of my car.

image of car demolished by tree

When the insurance adjuster asked – how big is the limb?” I blurted “about 10 to 12 inches in diameter and about 40 feet long.” I immediately began second guessing myself when she said “Wow!” So I went back out to look and I may actually have underestimated the size. It also came from way up in the tree – also about 40 feet.

It’s still a big tree.

I really loved that car.

And I really hate car shopping.

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