Sand Soccer in Virginia Beach

Image of players in sand soccer tournament in Virginia Beach, VA.

This week’s photo was not selected because it’s the pinnacle of waterscape art. The photographer wasn’t thinking showpiece so much as snapshot. She just wanted to capture the action of sand soccer.

I’m very happy with it because

  • it’s not from Whidbey Island. I can get a bit provincial.
  • it shows a side of waterfront liveliness that Tidal Life hasn’t covered before. There is a lot of beach play that does not involve boats, crabs or clams.

This is the annual Sand Soccer Tournament at Virgina Beach, VA. A pretty big deal.

I received this photo because that tall defender in front of the goal is my kid.

Photo by Tiffany Bartlett (Thanks Tiff!)

NOTE: I know of at least one broken toe that resulted from this barefoot activity.

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