Tidal Life: Now, with Octopi

Image of hanging lantern with octopi

Ditching the nautilus lamp idea … I found the perfect light to hang above the bronze octopus table that everyone knows I want for my birthday later this month. I love octopi.

This was featured on one of my favorite interior design blogs – Bohemian Hellhole – how I covet that name. Not only am I addicted to great titles,  (have I mentioned Adjacent, Against, Upon yet?) but I’ve always been bohemian at heart, and struggle to fit in amongst my upscale neighbors.

Add to the great title the fact that the proprietress calls herself Alice Almighty and you have to pay attention.

Looking for who deserved photo cred, I found the original photo is part of a Flickr photostream called Winter in Chicago. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Except that I love the lamp, and the table, and octopi in general.

Dreaming of teaming up with Alice Almighty,


4 thoughts on “Tidal Life: Now, with Octopi”

  1. Nancy, I would love to see your version of bohemian life! I love Whidbey, the islands here are so beautiful ~ life is slowed down there. It’s like another world. {Love your definition of ‘Living Well’!}

    Trying to wake up…Alice

    1. Oh no, Alice, you made me look at my about page to see what I said Living Well was all about.
      “Update About Page” is now on the to do list. Though not the definition, I still believe that living well has little to do with luxury. I have a short video coming soon that will show a little island bohemiana. Probably a week out.

    1. Thanks Alice, sorting out who originally took a photo that’s in a bazillion Flickr streams can be like wrestling an octopus. Love your site and may just send you pic or two of my version of bohemian life. Hmm, can one be bohemian in the country?

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