World Oceans Day: One more excuse to celebrate the sea

It’s World Oceans Day!

All I can muster right now is a quick link. My computer is behaving badly. I’m spending far too much time waiting for processes to finish, shutting and restarting programs, rebooting. Uploading a photo is painful. Maintenance time.

Until I get to the bottom of this all I’ve got for World Oceans Day is a quick follow up to last weekend’s photo of eelgrass returning to Holmes Harbor.

That’s a very good thing for the creatures here in this small inlet and I’m massively glad to see it. But overall, the news about eelgrass health worldwide is a very mixed bag of the good, like mine and the bad.  Some of it is even ugly. Rising seas, warming seas and acidification all threaten seagrasses.

For a complete look at the importance of seagrasses worldwide and the state of seagrass health check out Seagrass Online a publication of the World Seagrass Association.

Happy World Oceans Day!

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