How to Solve the Squished Bread Problem in the Galley

Replace Bread with Naan and Serve Shapely Sandwiches as You Sail

naan spread wth peanut butterHere’s a handy way to enjoy fresh bread while underway, without having to deal with the misshapen slices that can result when you try to squeeze standard loaves into small spaces.

Naan is the answer. Mix up a batch, store it in a Snapware container.

Keep it in the refrigerator or icebox and when you’re ready to make sandwiches, pinch off one golf ball sized piece for each. Lightly oil or butter your skillet. Flatten the balls into rounds and fry for a couple of minutes each side.

Fill with something yummy and feed the crew with little muss or fuss.

And there you have it, you’ve solved the misshapen sandwich problem by eliminating standard loaves. Trust me, you should give this a try. Naan is so good you’ll never miss bread.

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