Positive Spin

Image of woman cross legged on a beach working on a positive spin

I now have two anniversaries to forget every year, my wedding and the start of Tidal Life the blog.

The former was back in January, the latter was yesterday, but I forgot.

Think positive

So instead of marking the last day of the first year of blogging, I’m celebrating the beginning of a second wonderful year of writing about everything that has anything to do with water.

What’d I miss?

Except – full transparency – I’m actually really pissed at myself for missing out on the most perfect way ever to celebrate the existence of Tidal Life.

There was a big dive event down at Langley Marina to check out the new reef. A bunch of Islanders running around in wet suits and fins and immersing themselves in Puget Sound. Shoulda been there! (kick, kick, kick) Shoulda gone diving. (KICK, KICK, KICK)

Water under the bridge

I’m done beating myself up. I’m putting a positive spin on my forgetfulness by spending some time reflecting on this tweet by Alain de Botton, one of my favorite authors:

To detach the self from the ego and achieve calm, the East proposes Meditation, the West, sunbathing.

Here’s the real best start to year two

Today I’m celebrating by letting go of perfection, getting over the disappointment and detaching form that old ego by sitting in the sun for a good think.

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