Small watery world

With the ocean as big and as ever changing as it is, there’s a lot of sea based stuff to sort through and decide to post or not post. Airliners disappearing and searches for survivors, funding for cleaning up estuaries, wetland restoration. But those all get covered pretty well by bigger fish than me.

In search of items that are a little less mainstream (as it were) I went back to look at Sea Fever after a week or so and found this video about Bloggers on the Nimitz.

Now as a rule, I’d have little interest in looking at video of a few writers who got to tour an aircraft carrier, but that’s Jen Leo grinning from withing the helmet and goggles. Jen edited Sand In My Bra, a Travelers Tales anthology in which one of my essays appears. She was the first person to encourage me to get up in front of an audience and read my writing. Consequently she’s someone I really appreciate and at the same time blame for the most embarrassing half hour of my life.

I’m not at all surprised to see her on the deck of the Nimitz, she’s one of those people who are comfortable anywhere. And she really knows how to get the great gigs.

Nice to see you’re still on the written road Jen!

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