The Olympics pushing change?

Perhaps Victoria, BC leaders watching the last Olympics saw a little red flag waving. Not the one with the gold star, rather the one that says warning, danger ahead. They’ve decided to treat their sewage.

China got a lot of bad press for polluted air and algae blooms. I can imagine Vic’s city council got a collective mental picture of Mr. Floatie becoming the world wide symbol of their fair city. Leno one liners, Letterman lists. I’m shuddering along with them.

I love Victoria, have friends there. I have never taken sides in the debate over what happens to their poop. After all, we have enough combined sewer overflows and accidents here in Washington, including one in the south Sound earlier this month that was dumping 14,000 gallons a day Update: make that up to 100,000 g/d. I’ve never thought we should single one city out as the bad buy in the pollution story, but this is move(ment) can’t hurt.

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