Can We Have Tidal Energy without Fish Kill?

The Attraction of Tidal Energy

Sushi on purpose, tidal energy without fish killThe idea of using the tides to generate energy, whether in rivers or off shore, is attractive.

But many of us have trouble accepting that tidal power generation won’t lead to fish becoming sushi before they can even be caught.

Now there’s an invention that may solve that problem, a fish friendly tidal turbine.

Producing tidal energy without fish kill could change the game

I’m going to watch developments as this prototype gets tested and the larger working models are built. Currently I’m not convinced that a fish caught in an auger – while perhaps escaping being chopped – won’t end up addled. Remember spinning on the grass as a kid and then trying to walk?

The other possible help from this device is ease of maintenance, hence lower cost. The inventor mentions that it can be strapped to a bridge in shallower water than the turbines that require huge blades and must be mounted on pylons. That would do well in Deception Pass where currents book right along. But how many other bridges span such speedy waterways?

Black humor on tidal energy

I had to laugh at the irony of this comment regarding tidal turbines: “They won’t work, they’re going to get clogged up with oil.”

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