Blog dreams

This blog is becoming part of me. Last night I dreamed about going to the ocean and seeing an event.

Typically dreamlike, the meaning of this one evaporated by morning, so I don’t remember what the event was, just that there were a hundreds of people there and it was very exciting and it had something to do with the water.

In the dream I scrambled for my camera thinking, “I’ve got to post this on my blog!”

Of course these blog dreams could also be a sign that I’m stressing over not having written or posted anything for several days. It’s been a busy week and I’ve been away from the water most of the time. Haven’t been down to the beach, haven’t been out in the kayak or on Nameless, or even on a ferry. Meanwhile my friends are putting pictures of whale watching trips in the San Juans on their Facebook pages.

Image of low tide showing eelgrass, blog dreams

I did manage to take a picture of an extremely low tide on a stormy afternoon. To feel better I’ll call it something pretentious like Eelgrass with Thunderheads.

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