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Tidal topics

The Tidal Life about page says that this site is about living well on the waterfront. I’ve been taking that statement too literally of late. It’s time I cast off this mental shackle and paid some attention to the metaphoric value of the words tide and life.

I’ve floated away from some aspects of living well, other topics that I always meant to include here – family, food, travel, books, entertaining, art, design, music (all somehow related to water of course) – and tied myself pretty securely to what’s going on at my own waterline. Fair warning – the tide is about to turn.

Water is where it’s at

It’s not that I’m refocusing, water is still the number one Tidal Life topic. In fact it’s becoming an ever deeper subject. Rather, I’m planning to post some pieces that won’t necessarily have me nose to flipper and fin with the creatures of my own beach.

Water is found everywhere, touching every part of life, in every form – liquid, ice, vapor, clean, polluted, untamed and contained. Because it constantly changes and moves around, all of these states are my topic. And if, somewhere, water is not to be found, then that’s potentially my topic too – perhaps the most important of all.

Writing flow

Once I remembered to get back to those other subjects I immediately received a blinding slap in the side of the head. I’ve been a writer for years (years!) technical, journalism, freelance, business. On the creative side I write fiction and personal essays.

I’ve written hundreds of small pieces about travel, food, kids, gardening, the vagaries of life, humor, whatever struck my fancy at the moment. Most have never been published because I never found a publication they’d fit. I just wrote them for fun, or to exorcise some demon or other.


I’ve been a blogger all along! I just needed the technology to catch up to me!

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