James Bond Villain Moves to Puget Sound

Looks like a new James Bond film may be coming soon.

A structure reminiscent of the domicile of a Bond arch nemesis has just arrived in Puget Sound. No news yet on when filming will start, or whether they’re looking for extras among the moss and algae covered local population.

A massive radar dome is towed through Puget Sound

Of course this is actually a radar dome on its way to be repaired in Seattle. With a structure this size and shape, which has to be sort of hard to sail, you’d think the repair crew would make house calls.

a huge radar dome passes a cruise ship

Bob Richardson, author of Baba BarAnn Around the Pacific, took these pictures from his Useless Bay home and reported that the ship and the dome stopped and considered each other from afar for a moment before sailing on.

radar dome and crusie ship pass in Puget Sound

Which of course reminds everybody of the old Reader’s Digest (or whatever) chestnut:

The USS Nimitz and several destroyers are cruising North on an exercise close to Canadian waters when the radio operator hears a distinctive Canadian voice saying,
“Unidentified vessels, this is Royal Canadian Coast Guard. Alter your course East to two two zero to avoid collision.”
Being head strong the US officer replies,
“Canadian operator, we are a US warship sailing in US waters. Recommend YOU alter YOUR course to avoid collision.”
The Canadian repeats his first message with a certain degree of urgency. Annoyed at the Canadians attitude the officer replies,
“Sir, we are an American carrier, the most powerful vessel afloat!!! We have several destroyers off our stern armed to the teeth with…”
The Canadian interupts,
“Well this is a lighthouse, YOU CHOOSE!!!”

Thanks Snopes for the whole story of this story.

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