Puget Sound is calling artists

The seashore has always called to artists, inspiring driftwood sculptures on the beach, Goldsworthy-like stacks of flat rocks, amateur photography
and paintings by Manet, Wyeth, Sargent. Now People for Puget Sound and Laconner’s Seaside Gallery are teaming up to showcase local artists works about Puget Sound in the I Love Puget Sound Art Contest.

As a low-key marine environment activist, I’m heartened that the show will center on “actions that citizens have taken to protect the waters of Puget Sound.” The official entry form goes on to say “artwork should convey actions that the artists themselves have taken or actions observed by the artist in the waters and surrounding shorelines of Puget Sound.”

There are lots of great water based protection activities going on around the Sound all year long, from scientific studies of marine life,
to beach naturalist education programs for schools,
to rescuing clam diggers who get stuck in the mud.
I hope a lot of artists take advantage of this opportunity. We need those with a creative eye to show us the beauty and worth of protecting Puget Sound. I might have to train my own small camera on some Beach Watchers I know. Looking forward to seeing a lot of wonderful and varied pieces at Seaside Gallery this June.

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