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    1. Yeah indeed! Though what you see here isn’t much of a splash, just a little ripple.

      I’ve got lots of pictures to post. And if I really want to embarrass myself, the video where you can hear me freaking out that I think she’s sinking. She didn’t sink, she floats well, though I check the bilge, the stuffing box and all the through hulls at least twice a day and leaving her for any extended period makes me slightly crazy.

      We’re ready for the next stage of the adventure, getting her moving.

  1. Yeeaahhh! I trust the bilge is dry!? What are you doing for the rest of Wednesday?

    Run down to the store and the Champaigne will be on me! Don’t go crazy though!


    1. Oh the bilge, will it ever be dry? I’ve heard it’s possible and is one of the goals of my search for Endryment. A very little water makes its way there, not a problem so far.

      Thanks for champagne offer. Friends Jesse and Stacie brought a bottle by, as the one we brought from home was buried in the storage locker. So we toasted the event as required. There will be other champagne worthy events to come in the next few days – raising the sails, starting the engine. Will let you know when to raise the next glass!

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