Bright Idea: Sell me your lights

Like all bloggers, I’m interested in the people who come to my site.

Not just in the amount of traffic, though of course that’s important, but also in how people get here and why they come.

  • Who are my readers?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How can I help them find what they want?
  • What should I write about to attract more readers?

The Drewslist Whidbey Island Draw

Using Google Analytics, I can see some of the things people search for to find my site. And, as I’ve mentioned before, several readers a day find Tidal Life by searching for Drewslist, because I once wrote a post about Drew and his list. If you haven’t read that, Drewslist is a community email list that helps folks on Whidbey Island connect to the things they want and things that are going on.

I’ve always known that people searching for Drewslist are not really my audience. Both Drewslist and Tidal Life focus on Whidbey Island, and both Drew and I have an abiding regard for the sea. We sometimes share the same information about a water influenced event. Other than that, the two venues have little in common. People searching for Drewslist touch down briefly on Tidal Life, get the info they need to contact Drew, and move on. And that’s fine. It’s one of the things I want this site to do for people, provide them the connections they need.

Making Use of the Drewslist Whidbey Island Tie-In for Personal Gain

However, it just occurred to me that I might as well make use of this phenomenon. A lot of people look for Drewslist because they have something to sell. And while I’m one of those people who has stuff to sell and have often used Drewslist to advertise (visit my Moving Aboard site to see the last few items on the block) I’m also looking to buy a few things.

The Things I Want to Buy From You

So, if you arrived here because you want to sell something, how about selling it to me? I could head to Home Depot for all this stuff, but I really favor recycling and keeping things out of the landfill, so here’s what I’m currently looking for:

  • A pair of bathroom lights. (To replace the gorgeous bare bulbs shown above.) They have to be single bulb and shade. I’d prefer chrome finish, but brushed nickel is okay, or if they’re really cool I’ll take oil rubbed bronze. (Not interested in anything ornate or frilly.)
  • A pair of bedroom sconces. I really like the swing arm type for reading in bed. Open to most finishes though I’m not wild about brass. (Same caveat re style as above.)
  • Pavers or broken concrete suitable for building garden stairs.
  • A few big boulders to build a retaining wall.
  • Hog wire.
  • A gallon of white trim paint.
  • Someone to grade my driveway and bring in a load of crushed rock.
  • Someone with a shop to sell some of my prized possessions on consignment.

If you’ve got any of these, please let me know. Email nancy at dot com.

Oh, and to get on Drewslist Whidbey Island, email drewslist at whidbey dot com.

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  1. I have an Oregon floor loom with all the parts. I’d like to give it to a weaver. It’s at Greenbank so you have to
    pick it up. It won’t fit into a van, so bring a pickup. Make an appointment for that when we talk.

    1. I would like to ask you if you would consider donating this to the Whidbey Island Community Education Center? I am a volunteer instructor at this new program located in the old Bayveiw school. I am certain that space could be made somewhere but have not yet spoken with them. If this is still available then I will contact them directly but this does seem like an opertunity to bring in a new program to their ever expanding classes.

  2. Need help finding Cleaning Jobs/household support/errands.
    Hoping that you can help me spread the work about what i do?
    hope you well send it out,people on whidbey island/ Subject-services offered/ My contact info is Faye Rimer Phone 360-221-0320 cellular

  3. Drewslist is a phenomena. My post about Drew and drewslist is my third most read post. ( Imagine what will happen if he ever gets on the web. And I hope you and I get to share such high levels of interest and traffic. Have fun aboard. I can imagine myself doing the same. I wonder where I’d get rid of a lot of this stuff if I moved aboard. Hey, there’s this guy named Drew . . .

    1. Drew amazes me too, Tom. I hope he does get a site up someday, not least because I’m dying to see what he comes up with as far as a format.

      Whatever form it takes, Drewslist Forever!

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