It’s Puget Sound that has a wild side

Valuable Book about Puget Sound

There’s a new book out from Harbor WildWatch. I’ve only seen Puget Sound’s Wildside on the organization’s wildly impressive website but I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. By the look of all they’ve got going on these people are highly professional about their program. The book appears to be equally well done, with the information presented in an interesting and appealing way.

My only complaint – I hope the book doesn’t follow the same naming pattern as the website, which insists on calling Puget Sound “the Puget Sound.” (UPDATE – the site has removed the “the” in front of Puget Sound – many thanks!)

Ban Extraneous The’s!

This is a linguistic tic that drives me nuts and seems to be getting more and more prevalent. These days you hear Interstate 5 called “The I-5.” The interstate is great, but The Interstate 5 is redundant. It’s like saying The Mount Rainier, The Lake Washington, The Whidbey Island, or The St. Mark’s Cathedral, it’s just dumb.

I say we ban all these extraneous the’s. Tax anyone who can’t break the habit and use the funds for cleaning up PUGET SOUND. (end rant.)

DISCLAIMER: All glaring grammar and punctuation errors in this post should be cheerfully overlooked.

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