Part two of the Glendale Creek story

The series on Glendale Creek continues Thursday – this time it’s the big topic, Beavers.

 Photo by Cheryl Reynolds, used courtesy of Worth A Dam

Titles of the two talks scheduled for the evening are:

Plants and Animals of the Watershed – with the speaker to be determined

Beavers & the Stream – Michael Pollock, NOAA Fisheries

I attended the initial meeting Feb. 18 and was  impressed by the format of the evening and the series as a whole. The commissioners and staff, along with WSU Extension and Whidbey Watershed Stewards, have put together an informative, interesting, inspiring and inclusive program. I have to admit that county meetings have not typically been high on my list of fun ways to spend an evening – even back when I was a reporter for the Whidbey News Times. These meetings are significantly different and really enjoyable. I’m looking forward to Thursday night.

Presentation slides from Shane Cherry’s talk about the geomorphology of the creek are available on the Island County website and Friends of Glendale has posted podcasts of the talks. Both are great resources.

One thing I’m especially looking forward to is hearing from Michael Pollock. I first heard of him from Heidi Perryman, who wrote to me after reading a recent Tidal Life column. Heidi is the founder of Worth A Dam an organization formed to save the beavers of Alhambra Creek in Martinez, California. The group has done wonders, coming up with creative ways for humans and beavers to coexist. The town has embraced the effort and now has an annual Beaver Festival.

More talks are coming in the series:

March 18
Fish Use of the Stream – Todd Zackey, Tulalip Tribes
Recent Activities – Alan Johnson, Natural Systems Design

April 1
Glendale Through the Years – Craig Williams, Friends of Glendale/SW Historical Society

April 15
What’s Next for Glendale Creek? Funding, Regulations, Future Plans – Jamie Bails and Doug Thompson, WA Fish & Wildlife, Island County staff

That last date is going to serve as incentive for me to get my taxes done ahead of filing day.

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