TeuxDeux list with a whiff of Paris

Image of Teuxdeux list app

Teux days into using TeuxDeux and I’m kinda diggin’ it. Way simpler than any other TD list I’ve tried. Set it as my home page in place of Google. That alone was a good move. Now instead of opening my browser to the instant ability to search for something new and intriguing, or even get lucky, I open it to a clean, minimalist reminder of all the stuff I already looked up and turned into tasks.

Despite the fact that I treat it exactly the same as all my paper lists:

1. put way too many items on list to possibly get done in one day
2. do one or two and cross them off
3. copy undone items over to list for tomorrow (see “clean house”)
4. add a bunch of new items
5. throw today’s paper away
6. repeat

I don’t have to write each task twice, or three times and I don’t have to throw the paper away.

Only complaint – can’t take it with me. I have an android now and the app is for iPhone. But the site works on my phone., so there’s that.

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