Unplanned Hiatus – Crabby

crab in footprint


Returned home Friday from a week on the Washington and Oregon coasts with piles of notes and hundreds of pictures.

I was all ready to create a series of articles about places and things coastal. But right after I managed to put up that one photo of a plant that looks like some kids went wild with silly string (Salt Marsh Dodder – Thanks Mary Jo) my laptop went down under a mal-ware attack.

I’m slowly recovering from the data loss – switching to Ubuntu and re-setting all my accounts and programs. Luckily I’d just backed up everything except my email. So if you’ve sent me email lately (or ever) please send again, that way I’ll have your address too.

Check back in a day or two, I should be able to compile my notes and put something new up here soon.

Photo of sand crab by Jeremy Bartlett

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