Announcing Tidal Life Afloat

image of white sailboat in storage yard

Regarding Launch Dates

One of the categories for the new improved Tidal Life will be Tidal Life Afloat, lots more stuff about boats, boating, sails, sailing and getting places via the water. Above is a shot of where I’ll be writing from … though I hope she’ll be in the water at some point.

Which launch will come first? I’ve set the launch date for the new version of Tidal Life for March 13. I’m relatively sure that launch will beat the boat’s launch.

Regarding Boat Names

She needs a new name. She’s got a bad one.

What is it with boat names? Some are really gag worthy, and I’m not just talking about all the Judi – Lee’s and Cindy – Jo’s. Take a walk in your local marina some time, you’ll see what I mean. Throw those folks a Thesaurus.

Admittedly, this has not been my strong suit either. Poor Nameless continues unnamed to this day.

Perhaps I should hold a name that boat contest for both of them. I’ll consider that.

In the meantime, wallowing in blog design and content development as I am, writing and blogging puns come too easily to mind.

If I had to pick a name right this minute this boat would be christened one of these:

  • Chapter Two
  • Prologue
  • Pitch
  • Heading
  • Tag Cloud
  • The Loop
  • Theme
  • Manifesto
  • Akismet

Christen me giddy.

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  1. Well with almost a week to recover from the yap-shutting news I have become an jealous observer of the possiblities of rest of your lives!
    My what a wonderful choice for a new place to hang your hats! I can’t wait to get more details. I read the Boats and Gear article of November 2008 By John Kretschamer and was impressed and amazed at the careful planning that went into the design and construction of the boat. I think there is already a story in the fact that she preasently lies less than 60 miles from her place of construction and is registered but another few miles from there. Can she have gained much in these 20 years or so
    of exposure to high seas and warm beaches? I expect you will be changing that!
    I have tortured my mind with dreams of southern seas and a myriad of names and home port suggeations. More from that later.
    So onward and upward to the peak of the pole and new places and experiances.


  2. She’s beautiful Nancy, but tell us a little about her. What make? How long? What’s she draw? Where did you get get her? Yes, I see her home town, but how did she get here? Congratulations and happy sailing.

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