Add lime – works for gin and tonic, but global warming?

Just add lime

This idea worries me a little. It smacks of other projects that sounded good in the past – got rats? introduce cats. Sharks eating the fish you want to catch? put a bounty on sharks. Wolves killing sheep? pay for wolf pelts. Pesky Indians defending their land? Kill all the buffalo and remove their main food source. And in the realm of “geo-engineering” which is where this plan falls, it sounds like a bigger ongoing problem than the effort it takes to keep the Missisippi in its man made channel that John McPhee wrote about twenty years ago a book called “The Control of Nature.

No quick fix is undertaken without unforeseen consequences. Plus, quick fixes lead people to think they can get away with more of the bad behavior that’s led to the problem in the first place.

I don’t hate the idea of adding lime, I just hope scientists take a very careful look at this before jumping on the band wagon.

Many more big ideas were looked at along with the lime one in The Manchester Report, all very interesting. Finem Respice took a salty view of another big ocean based climate change idea that involves a local northwest company. (Microsoft based? Can’t imagine there would be any bugs in that system.)

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